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Diving in the Straits of Gibraltar!

Morocco is in North African and has a coastline on both the North Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.  It has borders with Western Sahara to the south, Algeria to the east and the Spanish North African territories of Ceuta and Melilla on the Mediterranean coast in the north.

Morocco Map

Diving is limited; we've only found one certified dive centre which takes divers to the western Mediterranean where the weather and sea conditions are often mild. The current is weak (if not null) and the dives are mostly rockpiles and scree on a sandy bottom.

What to see:

The Straits of Gibraltar - the underwater relief on the Moroccan side of the Straits of Gibraltar is both steeper and deeper than on the Spanish side and they are the gateway for trade between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.  The exceptional walls and slopes benefit from a unique natural phenomenon: the Atlantic Ocean empties on the surface into the Mediterranean Sea, creating a permanent current that protects and nourishes the flora.

The vertical nature of these slopes protects the coast from over-fishing. Fish are therefore abundant in this zone, as are all manner of large marine mammals.

But the downside is that the currents are strong so some dives are suitable for experienced divers only.

Need to know:

Malaria is present in the northern, coastal areas of the country but is not a major problem. Take the usual precautions against being bitten (light coloured clothing, insect repellent, etc) and if you are really worried see your doctor about anti-malarial medication before travelling.

Useful stuff:
Language: Arabic, Berber and French
Currency: Moroccan dirham
Time: GMT +0
Climate: Mediterranean
Natural hazards: Earthquakes
Diving season: Year round
Water temperature: 17C/62F (Jan-March)
23C/73F (July-Sept)
Air temperature: 11C-21C (Nov-March)
19C-29C (April-Sept)

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