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Bonaire is rated in the top 10 of world scuba diving destinations in the world with its pristine reefs and varied marine life . . .

A small dutch island located in the southern section of the Caribbean, Bonaire is highly regarded for its lead in the preservation of the marine environment and also, for its superb scuba diving, snorkelling and windsurfing.

The island's location in the south Caribbean produces a very dry climate with minimal rainfall.  A marine park surrounds the entire island is home to an incredible amount underwater life - the island apparently boasts six of the ten most diverse dive sites in the Caribbean. 

The waters are extremely clear, which is ideal for underwater photography and diveable year round. Water temperatures vary between 25 & 29C with visibility in excess of 30 metres.

What to see:
  • Excellent walk-in dive sites are "Thousand Steps" and further north at "Ol' Blue."
  • Accessible by boat or shore on the southern end of Bonaire is "Alice in Wonderland," a double reef system, separated by a sand channel that extends from Punt Vierkant south toward Salt Pier. There are a number of good dive sites within this reef system, all marked by dive buoys. "Angel City," one of the most popular, is also home to Bonaire's most popular wreck dive, freighter "Hilma Hooker." Additionally, twenty-four reef sites with depths of 20 - 130 feet surround Klein Bonaire, but can only be accessed via boat.
  • Coral spawning seven days after full moon.
Need to know:
  • Bonaire has in excess of 80 dive sites. The reefs have narrow, sloping terraces extending seaward with a drop-offs at 33 feet, followed by a slope varying from 30 feet to a vertical wall of 100 to 200 feet deep.
  • All shore diving sites accessible from the main island are marked with yellow stones long the road showing the dive site name.
  • Klein Bonaire (Little Bonaire) which is uninhabited and is less than one mile off the west coast acts like a barrier reef and creates calm waters on the leeward side. In contrast, the northern coast can be very rough with big rollers hitting the rocky coast.
Useful stuff:
Language: English widely used
Currency: The Netherlands Antillean guilder or US $
Time: GMT - 4
Climate: Tropical
Natural hazards: South of hurricane alley
Diving season: 12 months
Water temperature: Jan to March - 26C/78F
June to October – 28C/82F

Caribbean - Bonaire: Latest User Reviews

Best place to learn to dive  Belmar Diving (Buddy Dive Resort), Bonaire 5 Star Rating Added: 7th February 2014 by Lynnflecks
The instructors at Belmar Dive are the best. They are very patient, kind and fun. They want everyone to have a wonderful dive experience and learn how to dive safely and comfortably. I give them an A++++. I had my own equipment, but I am sure theirs was excellent.
Bonaire Diving: Disappointing  Buddy Dive Resort, Bonaire 1 Star Rating Added: 12th May 2012 by Keetoe
Note: This review mostly applies to the Buddy Dive resort dive activity operation; not the hotel per se. The once beautiful full-of-life reefs of Bonaire are now about 50% destroyed apparently for a variety of reasons. From “WBD” (White Band Disease) and abnormal hurricane activity since 2005 which have done significant...
A 5 time customer - Always excellent  Dive Friends Bonaire , Bonaire 5 Star Rating Added: 30th January 2012 by PADiver52
I've made 5 trips to Bonaire, the first in 2007, and have used Dive Friends Bonaire each time. In addition to doing several 2 tank boat trips over the 5 visits I've also done two PADI Specialities (Wreck Diving, Underwater Naturalist) at Dive Friends Bonaire. In all of these visits...
Avoid this Dive Center at all cost  Dive Friends Bonaire , Bonaire 1 Star Rating Added: 2nd November 2011 by Llayla
Since I’ve enjoyed the beauty of diving in Bonaire on previous occasion I was looking forward to my return for a two-tank dive. Our cruise ship contracted with Dive friends Bonaire, otherwise I would have never considered diving with this group. The cold personality of the Dive Master was on the...
Great place! Misleading blurb!  Dive Friends Bonaire , Bonaire 5 Star Rating Added: 20th October 2011 by AndrewB
The company description implies a tecfest dive centre - strange - they're a family friendly PADI & SCUBA centre par extaordinaire. My family and I based ourselves close to the Dive Friends Yellow Submarine outlet and experienced pretty much all they had to offer. A few courses for different family...
Fine experience  Bonaire Dive & Adventure, Bonaire 4 Star Rating Added: 21st January 2011 by Vickiinaz
We just dove with them two weeks ago and found our crew to be friendly and knowledgeable and experienced no problems. The boat was not crowded. We did not lay eyes on the infamous owner, so can't comment on his lack of people skills, We took our own gear and...
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