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Cayman Islands

Outstanding coral reefs and clear waters have made the Cayman Islands one of the world's leading scuba diving destinations . . . . .

The Mermaid, Grand Cayman - Vanessa LafayeThe Cayman Islands are a British overseas territory  in the western Caribbean Sea, (here's the map) and is made up of the islands of Grand CaymanCayman Brac and Little Cayman. The warm, calm waters, 100 ft. plus visibility and breath-taking variety of marine life offer a world of exciting logbook entries.  Each island offers very different diving adventures for divers of all levels-from novice to Nitrox and Tec diving.

In Grand Cayman, there are more than 159 dive sites. It's all here: steep, deep walls adorned with sponges and corals in a stunning array of colours; shallow reefs filled with schooling and solitary fish and small invertebrates; and wrecks featuring photogenic structures and curious marine residents.

Little Cayman, at only 10 miles long and a mile wide, offers that rare combination of sun-blessed solitude, glistening beaches and miles of untouched tropical wilderness. Here, shy iguanas and rare birds outnumber humans. Booby Pond Nature Reserve, 203-acre bird sanctuary, is home to 5000 pairs of nesting Red Footed Boobies.

You can get up-to-date info on the Cayman Islands with a fab mobile travel app, SpotCayman. It currently has over 1600 spots and is growing weekly with new spots and exclusive content. The App showcases all that Grand Cayman has to offer; great restaurants, beaches, and bars that you would never find without it. Your complete guide on your phone and available in the App Store.

What to see:

Grand Cayman for the world's best 12 Foot Dive - unique Stingray City. The fish are unafraid of divers, knowing no threat is posed. They don't flee when approached. Instead, silvery Tarpon hover motionless in mid-water (see the Stingray City YouTube video here), surrounded by glittery Silversides, and French Angelfish fin in close to check you out. Huge Barrel Sponges and swirling schools of fish are common off Grand Cayman. These reefs are unspoiled, gorgonians and hard corals thrive in the clear, warm waters.

kittiwake underwater USS Kittiwake was a United States Navy submarine rescue.  She was scuttled on in January 2011 near Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman and is resting upright in 62 feet of water on a sandy bottom. You can snorkel overhead and see the main decks and topography of the ship plus take a look down the smoke stack that opens up straight down to the bottom of the hull and the engine rooms. There is no end of rooms to explore this wreck, that will soon enough become an artificial reef, enhancing the marine environment with new fishery stock and habitats for marine life. [Photo credit: DiveTech]

The Mermaid, Amphitrite, has been overseeing Sunset Reef in Grand Cayman, for seven years now. At the time, General Manager of Sunset House, Keith Sahm, purchased the mermaid from Simon Morris, a famed sculptor from Canada, to ease the pressure off the resort's famous and delicate reef. Amphitrite is actually a 9 foot tall bronze mermaid and was carefully put underwater at the edge of Sunset Reef. Today she sits in 55' and keeps an ever present watch over the reef.  [Source: Sunset House]  [Photo credit: Vanessa Lafaye]

Little Cayman - Bloody Bay Marine Park is one of the world's truly legendary dive sites: the sheer coral wall begins at 20 ft. and plunges to 6000 ft.

Cayman Brac - the MV Captain Keith Tibbetts is the only divable Russian warship in the Western Hemisphere and was intentionally sunk in 1996 as an artificial reef.
Need to know:
  • The Kittiwake is situated in marine park that is protected under law in Cayman, with no touching or taking of anything, no gloves allowed and no fishing allowed on the wreck/Kittiwake site. It requires an entrance fee to visit from a licensed operator, with the fees going towards the ongoing maintenance and protection of the new artificial wreck/reef plus natural reefs. An exception to taking fish is made for culling lion fish, an invasive species to Cayman waters.
Useful stuff:
Language: English
Currency: Caymanian $
Time: GMT - 5
Climate: Tropical
Natural hazards: Hurricanes and tropical storms (July to October)
Diving season: 12 months
Water temperature: Jan to March - 26C/75F
June to October – 30C/86F
Hyperbaric chambers: Grand Cayman Hyperbaric Services: (34...
Georgetown Hospital: (34...

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Discovery Diver injured due to lack of safety  Ambassador Divers , Cayman Islands 1 Star Rating Added: 28th July 2014 by AvFlyer172
I am an advanced rated diver and have dived all over the world, but we had one in our group that was long time snorkeler and first time diver. He was given an incomplete safety briefing which left out the need to equalize air space in mask and when asked...
Dive the Best in Grand Cayman  Indigo Divers, Cayman Islands 5 Star Rating Added: 22nd May 2014 by wdndiver
My wife and I just returned from Grand Cayman and our 5th time diving with Indigo Divers. I’ve reviewed in the past the superb personal service, importance of safety, gear setup and storage, knowledge of dive sites and knowledge of marine life (even the tiny little critters), all synonymous with...
Great Diving!  Sunset House, Cayman Islands 4 Star Rating Added: 1st April 2014 by gbriston
Was there in Feb 2014. Great diving and had a great time. Nice boat staff. Wish there were more than 3 dives a day. The only thing I didn't like was hauling my gear and weights on and off the boat every single day! I feel they should have used...
Indigo Divers for Xmas  Indigo Divers, Cayman Islands 5 Star Rating Added: 23rd March 2014 by DJ1967
My family and I had the pleasure of diving with Chris and Kate the week before Christmas. I have had the opportunity of diving several locations in the Caribbean and with many dive operators and there are no better than Indigo Divers. From the moment you book your dives until...
We are repeat customers  Indigo Divers, Cayman Islands 5 Star Rating Added: 5th March 2014 by locutus58
We have been diving in Grand Cayman for several years now and always dive with Indigo. They are always professional, very knowledgable, and fun to dive with! We bring our own gear and they take care of it for us for the time we are there , although they have...
Boutique Diving  Indigo Divers, Cayman Islands 5 Star Rating Added: 4th March 2014 by grrandall
Chris, Kate and now Bec (from Tasmania) offer a small (max of 6) group boat dive which is comfortable and comes with personal attention and service. They are very knowledgable about the numerous dive sites. Snacks and dry towels are offered during your surface interval as well as changing over...
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