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Few diving opportunities but Albania is rich in ancient ruins that could fuel a burgeoning tourist industry . . .. .

Polish Diving Base - Kolo SteroweAlbania is a small country in the western part of the Balkan Peninsula in the southeastern part of Europe.  Here's the map.

The country has many rivers which originate in the high mountains and pass through steep gorges before reaching the plain and making their way to the sea. Most of the main rivers have been extensively managed, usually to generate hydro-electricity.

Albania has nearly 450 km (280 miles) of coast, with the Adriatic running from the Montenegrin border south to the Bay of Vlora, where the Ionian sea begins. The Ionian coast is very rugged with rocky coves along the narrow coastal strip.

Good diving locations are Vlora Bay, Sazani Island and the Karaburuni Peninsula  (dependant upon the sea conditions).

What to see:
  • Vlora Bay - the wreck of a WWII Italian hospital ship (Po). The top of the wreck is at 18 metres descending to a depth of 33 metres and is in asheltered position and away from currents.  As it is 150 metres long, there is enough to see for two or three dives.
  • Italian Cargo Ship, sunk in a Bay of Sarande in 1944.
    This is a 120 meters long ship.  Divers may explore this wreck in the depth from 4 to 21 meters. No current. Visibility 8 - 12 meters.
  • Fishing cutter, sunk in the 70s after a collision with a ferry boat.  60 meter long ship at a depth of 30 meters. Visibility from 5 to 12 meters and depends from the currents. There are some dangers in this area because of fishing nets.
  • There are many underwater caves and reefs. Depths from 10 to 45-50 meters available as shore dives.
  • S403 Torpedo Boat, Sarande.

[Thanks to Greg Deregowski, Polish Diving Base, for these details]

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Useful stuff:
Language: Albanian
Currency: Lek
Time: GMT +1 (winter); GMT +2 (summer)
Climate: Temperate
Diving season: Year round
Water temperature: Winter 12C (53F)
Summer 24C (75F)
Air temperature: Winter 8C (45F)
Summer 31C (88F)

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