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Channel Islands


The Channel Islands are a group of islands near the coast of France. The five largest islands are:

As a result of the warm waters surrounding the channel islands, local waters are home to a varied range of wild life including North Atlantic species as well as those you would normally expect to find in Mediterranean waters. Dolphins and seals are regular visitors.

The geological history of the island has resulted in a fascinating underwater world with platoons caverns and steep sided underwater valleys. The tides here are some of the biggest in the world resulting in vast amounts of water rich nutrients flowing around the islands providing food for the wonderfully diverse range of marine life.

The tides give us some of the best drift diving in the world with flows as fast as 10 knots at times.

The Channel Islands offer wreck and reef diving.  The main diving is centred around Guernsey, Jersey and Sark. 

The islands have large tidal ranges which means that commercial fishing is limited so there is abundant fish life.

There are numerous wrecks (many dating from the Second World War)
around the islands but the large tidal range and heavy swell in winter means that wrecks close to shore are generally well-broken.

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