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Sark is the smallest of the four main Channel Islands, located some 80 miles off the south coast of England and only three miles long.  There are no cars on Sark and the way of getting round is either by bicycle, foot or horse!  Again, there is some very good diving.

What to see:

L`Etac Wall. 0m to 40m. Rock wall with deep gullies off the southern tip of Sark.  Les Vingt Clos Wall. 10mtrs. to 40mtrs. Spectacular rock wall with surrounding reefs & gullies, which are covered in jewel anemones, fan corals and soft corals. A very nice dive.  Ecrillais Wall. 16m to 50m. Steep rock slope with deep gullies off the NE coast.

A German minesweeper sunk in WW2 off the east coast. Upright and complete, the superstructure is missing. 88mm guns on bows and stern. Propellors in place, depth charges on deck. Anti-mine grenade cannons on stern. Superb dive, usually very good visability with plenty of fish.

Useful stuff:
Language: English
Currency: Guernsey pounds (same value as sterling)
Time: GMT
Climate: Temperate
Diving season: April to October
Water temperature: Winter 8C (46F)
Summer 18C (64F)
Air Temperature: Winter 7C (45F)
Summer 20C (68F)

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