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Arkansas is one of the states in the south and does not have a coastline.  The state is bordered by Louisiana to the south, Oklahoma and Texas to the west, Mississippi to the east and Missouri to the north.  The state capital of Arkansas is Little Rock and it is also the most populated city.

The climate of Arkansas is sub-tropical, although the temperatures in January can sometimes drop to 32f/0c, with the January high being in the region of 50f/10c.  In high summer, the temperatures in July are hot, with the variation being from 73f/23c to 93f/34c.  The state has a reasonable amount of rain throughout the year with between 40 & 60 inches.  Although, the climate is sub-tropical, in the north of the state you can expect to see regular snowfall during the winter, mainly in the Ouachita and Qzark mountain ranges.

Arkansas is land locked, but it does have numerous lakes for diving.  One of the most popular locations for scuba diving and snorkeling is Lake Ouachita which has approximately 30 dive sites.  The lake is renowned for its clarity and you will be able to see Bass, Crayfish and Shad.  The water temperature can vary dramatically, with the surface at 80f/26c and dropping to 50f/10c when you hit the 40 foot depth, so make sure you use a wet suit that is suitable for the lower temperatures.  Another location in the north of the state is Bull Shoals-White River State Park, which has a dive center, and is the largest lake in the state.

A lot of out of state divers visit Beaver Lake where you can get air fills at Lost Bridge Marina.  The lake is 300 feet deep in places and numerous objects have been placed to dive to, such as boats, cars and statues, but the most popular spot is The Old Foundation, which was a holiday resort from the 1800s and way back then, it boasted as having the two largest hotels in the world.  Today, all that remains are the foundations, plus there are some large bridges and an amphitheatre.

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