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Islas Secas Resort

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The Coiba National Park, (CNP) and the Islands of the Gulf of Chiriqui. (Isla Secas, Ladrones and Montuosa) are the crown jewels of Panama’s incredible natural reserves. These groups of islands are positioned in the center of the highest diversity section of the Tropical Eastern Pacific. UNESCO recently acknowledged the ecological importance and spectacular natural beauty of the CNP; by declaring it a World Heritage Site.

The diving conditions vary with the seasons. The dry season, December to May, offers the best visibility and calmer, warmer water. During the rainy season, June to December, the water contains more nutrients that reduce the visibility, as do thermo clines, but the pelagic life is better. The average water temperature hovers around 28°C. Visibility is on average around 70ft/19m. Thermo clines and haloclines are common and can reduce the water temperature as much as 10 degrees and the visibility by 20 to 30ft on deeper dives. Tides predominate the diving conditions in the CNP with as much as a 16ft/5m tidal exchange every six hours, consequently currents are common and vary in direction and speed. This is adventure diving at its best. Many of the areas in the park still remain unexplored. Forget about crowded dive sites and boats. This still remains to the most part an undiscovered wilderness!

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Accreditation: PADI Dive Center
Islas Secas Resort
Islas Secas
David Chiriqui
San Lorenzo

Telephone: (507) 661-11003
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