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Grenada & Carriacou

Ever seen an Underwater Sculpture Park???? Well, you can here . . . . . but Grenada's most famous dive site is the Bianca C . . . .

Scubadviser - Granada, Grande Anse beachGrenada is a rolling, mountainous island, covered with fragrant spice trees and rare tropical flowers, known as "The Spice Island". Click here for the map.

The nutrient rich Guyana current flows over Grenada and Carriacou’s volcanic coastlines, contributing to a healthy and varied coral reef environment that has few equals in the Caribbean. In addition to their fine reefs, Grenada in particular is recognised for its exceptional range of wrecks, which has made the island a truly unique Caribbean dive destination. The islands of Grenada and Carriacou are located in the Eastern Caribbean and along with Petit Martinique, they collectively make up the island state of Grenada.

There are also great opportunities for snorkelling along Grenada’s undulated coastline. A particular favourite is to the Underwater Sculpture Park at Moliniere Bay.  Hard to imagine?  Watch the YouTube video below.  The brainchild of Jason Taylor, a sculptor from England, it contains a series of underwater installations on the theme of Grenada’s history and folklore. The sculptures were transported, submerged and assembled by the Dive Grenada team. It is quite possible to free-dive the five metres to the deepest installation, where you will be greeted by such sights as 26 boys and girls slowly turning into coral, the Lost Correspondent or perhaps a few divers meandering through the coral networks.

What to see:
  • Grenada - the Bianca C "The Titanic of the Caribbean" which is a 600-foot cruise ship that sank in 1961 and lies on a sandy plain in 167 feet of water. At times there are strong tidal currents, making this an advanced deepScubadviser Seahorse on the Bianca C, Granada dive. The top deck lies at 90 feet and most dives proceed around the stern, where you can swim into the pool, visit the wheel-house on the aft deck and peer down at the sandy plain below There are schools of jacks, barracuda and spotted eagle rays in abundance and also, pink seahorses.  As the current can be strong, this can affect the visibilty.  We dived this in 2006 and saw a seahorse and this is the photo!
  • Carriacou - Barracuda Point, located off Sister Rocks, this dive starts at 9 meters (27 feet) with a slope/wall to a maximum depth of 23 meters (75 feet). The current makes this dive suitable for experienced divers only, with excellent underwater photography opportunities and good drift diving.
Need to know:

A yellow fever vaccination certificate is requires from travellers over 1 year of age travelling from infected areas.

Useful stuff:
Language: English
Currency: East Caribbean $
Time: GMT - 4
Climate: Tropical
Natural hazards: Hurricanes (July to October)
Diving season: 12 months
Water temperature: Jan to March - 26C/78F
June to October – 28C/82F
Hyperbaric chambers: Barbados: 1246-436-6185
Trinidad: 1868-660-4000

Caribbean - Grenada and Carriacou: Latest User Reviews

Should be a 6 Star Dive Centre  Deefer Diving, Grenada and Carriacou 5 Star Rating Added: 19th December 2013 by Milli50
These guys were amazing! I came to dive in Carriacou with my 78 year old mother who does have some mobility issues. Alex, Gary and the team at Deefer Diving made our stay an amazing experience. So much so that we changed our booking and stayed and dived a few...
Great Professional Dive Instructors  Lumbadive, Grenada and Carriacou 5 Star Rating Added: 18th December 2013 by annlange
We had a wonderful experience taking our Padi advanced water diving course with Richard and Diane at Lumbadive. Richard had a folksy, humorous way of imparting his knowledge and Diane was a terrific instructor above and below the water. She was great at pointing out fish and invertebrates as well...
Best operator on Carriacou  Deefer Diving, Grenada and Carriacou 5 Star Rating Added: 27th October 2013 by EZoeller
Gary and Alex are quickly becoming one of the premier dive operators in the area and we had nothing but the best of experiences with them! Carriacou is a small island, and though small and casual, Deefer Diving offers a first class experience. We dove with them for a week...
Dive Mistress was the best!  Lumbadive, Grenada and Carriacou 5 Star Rating Added: 20th August 2013 by jerrypeters
25. Feb, 2013 Thank you so much for the dive! It was some of the best I have ever done! The Dive Mistress was the best! And Sister Rocks dive was out of this world! Good luck with your dive business! Best of luck & Thanks Elisa Groh , Elgin...
Two Fantastic Dives!  Lumbadive, Grenada and Carriacou 5 Star Rating Added: 17th August 2013 by johnlemke
Richard was a great help to this rookie diver - today was my 4th and 5th dive ever. He really knew his dive sites, took time to point out many fish and coral and enthousiastically descussed each dive afterwards. We'll be back. John and Margaret - Michigan, USA
Large Group, Amazing Service, Fantastic Experience  Deefer Diving, Grenada and Carriacou 5 Star Rating Added: 1st August 2013 by Scoobsie23
We came into Carriacou on a charter yacht with a large party and decided to have a couple of dives. I have two teenagers who had never tried it before and were up for it. Alex, Gary and Kenneth ran an amazing show for us, collecting us from our boat...
My most memorable Caribbean dives!  Lumbadive, Grenada and Carriacou 5 Star Rating Added: 26th June 2013 by richardm
June 14th 2013 Dear Diane & Richard, You gave me two of my most memorable Caribbean dives! The reefs AND your knowledge of marine life were amazing. I wish all divers could be given such a great introduction to the Southern Caribbean. Richard Murphey Marine Biologist Member of Jean-Michel Cousteau...
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