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Middle East and Red Sea

Red Sea diving is spectacular and has some of the world's most iconic diving sites . . .

Scubadviser - Sharm el SheikhThe Red Sea has some of the best visibility (almost all year round) and the beautiful coral formations.  The high salinity of the Red Sea (more water is lost through evaporation than enters from precipitation) means that the water retains heat.

The whole area has a very well established dive industry which, when it became popular some decades ago, resorts in Egypt were the busiest.  However, recently, Jordan and Sudan have begun to outstrip them.

Recent troubles in the north of Egypt have had an impact on the number of visitors to the country.  However, the South Sinai coast remains peaceful.  Always check the latest advice for Egypt from the Foreign Office before travelling.

The scope for diving is huge; ranging from the hustle and bustle of Sharm el Sheikh to quieter resorts in Oman.

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What to see:
Marine diversity: Oman
Ras Mohammed National Park : Egypt

Middle East & Red Sea: Latest User Reviews

Poor serviced equipment  Extra Divers - Al Sawadi Beach Resort, Oman 1 Star Rating Added: 7th April 2014 by muna82
Extra Divers Al Sawadi specifically has poorly maintained equipment that has nearly endangered the life of my sibling when, all of a sudden, the gauge read that there was still air in the tank but unfortunately wasn't reading properly.. Further to this, my equipment in specific (regulator, octopus set) that the...
Best Diving Experience Ever  Octopus World Dahab, Dahab 5 Star Rating Added: 27th March 2014 by Lykke
I have been diving many places in the world, and I have never been in a place like this before. The staff is amazing. Sweet, funny, helpful, attentive and I felt so safe all the way though my diving holiday. All the equipment is brand new and really nice. I...
Don't book here  Cassiopeia, Egypt 1 Star Rating Added: 22nd January 2014 by Mennojo
With 4 friends, we booked a 7 day trip to deep south and St. John’s, departing from Marsa Alam. The sailing was confirmed so the airline tickets were also booked. Only 13 days before departure Cassiopeia Safari cancelled the trip without offering any alternative. So, if you like your holiday...
Best of the Best  U-Dive, Israel 5 Star Rating Added: 21st January 2014 by Intellitek
I have been diving since 1967...right after they filled the oceans! I have dived world-wide, with well over a thousand dives. U-Dive in Eilat's Coral Reef area is the top dive operation...ever. I took the Deep Diver and Sidemount certifications, ten dives...I am an "old guy" these days with some...
Best experience in Hurghada  Jasmin Dive Center, Hurghada 5 Star Rating Added: 2nd January 2014 by apeglow
Jasmin diving center was the third base I dived with during two weeks here in Hurghada. It was by far the best. Most importantly the equipment is well maintained and *clean*. Sounds like a very basic and self understanding thing but at the other two bases they would give me...
Incapacity, lack of security  Orca Dive Club - Wadi Lahmy, Marsa Alam 2 Star Rating Added: 29th December 2013 by filippofabiotrapani
Hi, I’m an Italian guy. I’ve been in your Orca Dive Club in Wadi Lahmy Azur Resort in Hamata, Berenice, Egypt since December, 21st till yesterday, December 28th, 2013. I have a Two Star CMAS International Certificate with about 70 diving of experience. I want everybody know what happened to me in...
Not Bad Starting Point  Golden Dolphin Diving Center, Hurghada 3 Star Rating Added: 21st December 2013 by actuosus
Dive instructor was strict and open-minded. Diving mainly took place on a boat. Dive Center has aluminium 12 litres tanks, SCUBAPRO gear. Also they have classroom for training.
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