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The way the Mediterranean used to be . . .

Croatia extends from the furthest eastern edges of the Alps and borders with Slovenia and Hungary to the north, Serbia to the northeast, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the east, and Montenegro to the far southeast.

Croatia is a diverse country with plains, lakes and rolling hills in the continental north and northeast, mountains in the Dinaric Alps.  The coastline has over 1,000 islands located in the Adriatic Sea and the country is advertised as being "the way the Mediterranean used to be".  The main holiday areas being on the Dalmatian coast, with Split, Pula and Dubrovnik being very popular.

Croatia is a scuba diving destination that is growing in popularity and benefits from the lack of crowds that are  prevalent at some Mediterranean destinations. The Adriatic sea is also one of the cleanest in the world and therefore very clear.

Apart from the multitude of wrecks that you can dive, there are also some very good reefs, walls and archaeological dives to keep any diver contented.

A good place for location information is the Croatian Association of Diving Tourism within Croatian Chamber of Economy, Tourism Department.  It is in English with an interactive map of all dive centers in Croatia, also liveaboards and other information about diving in Croatia.

What to see:
  • At Peljesac is the most famous wreck in Croatia, a S 57 German motor torpedo boat. At a depth of 25-39m, it was sunk by 3 British destroyers. It is extremely well preserved with anti-aircraft cannons which can still be moved and torpedoes in the torpedo cannons.
  • The Taranto at Dubrovnik - an Italian ship sunk during WW2. The 60 metre ship is lying at a depth of 22-54 metres. The boat was attempting to escape from an English submarine in 1943 when it encountered a mine and was sunk.
  • The Columbia - a 150m Italian supply vessel bombed by the British airforce in WW2. It lies at a depth of 57-85 metres. so this one is for technical divers only.
  • The Baron Gautsch - hit in 1914 by an underwater mine. The top deck is located at 28m, with the bottom at 42m. The wreck is well preserved and penetration is possible.
  • The Peltastis - a wreck of 60 metres and sank in 1968 and is known as the Greek. The shipwreck is in an excellent upright condition. The shallowest part of the wreck is at only 7 metres, the deepest at 32 metres. It is possible to enter the bridge and access the cargo holds. The fish life on the wreck is excellent and you will see good quantities of scorpion fish.
Need to know:
  • In Croatia, every diver has to purchase a Croatian Divers Card before diving, which is valid for 12 months everywhere in Croatia and currently costs 100 Kuna. (approx 15 Euro).

Useful stuff:
Language: Croatian
Currency: Kuna
Time: GMT +1
Climate: Mediterranean on coast
Diving season: Year round, although the main season is spring/summer
Water temperature: Winter 12C (54F)
Summer 25C (77F)
Air temperature: Winter 11C (52F)
Summer 28C (82F)

Europe - Croatia: Latest User Reviews

Pekne miesto na dovolenku - Nice place for holiday  Priscapac Dive Centre, Croatia 3 Star Rating Added: 30th September 2014 by sandtner
Bol som prekvapeny cistotou po vodou. Ludia su velmi ochotni, cln maju rychly, takze na lokality sa da dostat do 20 minut. Plusom je to ze som nemusel daleko chodit, pretoze zanorit som sa vedel hned pred bazou. Panuje tam velmi priatelska atmosfera. ____________________________________________________________________ I was surprised with the purity of water....
Great people  Priscapac Dive Centre, Croatia 4 Star Rating Added: 30th September 2014 by janagonda
Realy nice location. Clean surrounding. Local dives till 35 m. Multilanguaged instructors. Beautiful place for families.
Looked professional, but....  Trogir Diving Centre, Croatia 2 Star Rating Added: 14th August 2014 by AR2014
Think I mostly agree with some statements in Prodivers review, when it comes to safety...My wife and I only did 3 dives all together, as we had a very short holiday and also wanted to look around. A while since we dived in 7mm, so we used some time to...
AVOID Rude Horrible Owner  Issa Diving Center, Croatia 1 Star Rating Added: 7th July 2014 by xxLALxx
Firstly, I must tell you that the dive centre is safe with good equipment and a good ratio between Instructors and divers per group. The owner is a rude, ignorant man who shouts at his customers. Best description is a bully. If you walk another 30 meters past ISSA Dive Centre there...
Trogir Dive Center - Warning!  Trogir Diving Centre, Croatia 1 Star Rating Added: 16th March 2014 by Prodiver
Upon our return from Trogir Diving Center, I feel compelled to warn all divers/snorklers of a dive operation in my opinion to be at best negligent and gravely dangerous. I feel fortunate that a tragedy did not ocur while using their services when I heard after that several deadly accidents...
Top experience  Najada Diving, Croatia 5 Star Rating Added: 31st July 2010 by mike159
I dived with Najada this summer and had an excellent exeprience with them. Very professional and friendly. They quickly organised an english speaking instructor for me and the equipment I hired was in excellent working order. Murter is a great base for diving in Croatia with access to multiple dive sites many...
Good Vis - But Not Much to See!  Trogir Diving Centre, Croatia 3 Star Rating Added: 5th April 2010 by davidainsworth
We went on holiday to Croatia in August 2009 with the intention of doing some diving if the opportunity arose. We stayed for a week in Trogir, then moved south to Cavtat (see review for Epidaurum Diving - better than Trogir!). In Trogir we dived with Trogir Diving for 6 dives. We...
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