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Guam has some of the best scuba diving sites in the world . . .

Guam has some of the best dive sites in the world since there has been minimal tourist impact compared to other better known dive locations. Piti Bomb Holes is a tourist attraction allowing tourists to descend into an observatory where they can take in the beauty that has grown in a sinkhole.  Divers can dive around this attraction and feed swarms of fish.

Guam waters maintain a temperature of 82-86 (28C) degrees year round with excellent visibility at most locations.

What to see:
  • The Fish Eye underwater observatory, located in a "Piti Bomb Hole".  It is thought that the "Bomb Hole" was actually created by collapsed caves that have been filled with sea and sand.
Need to know:
  • While many of the dive sites can be reached by land, some of these entry points require a long walk over coral or a long surface swim.
  • Many of the dive sites are accessed by land through US military bases.
  • No vaccination requirements for any international traveller.
Useful stuff:
Language: English, Chamarro, Philippine and other Pacific languages
Currency: US $
Time: GMT +10
Climate: Tropical marine; generally warm and humid, moderated by NE trade winds
Natural hazards: Relatively rare, but potentially destructive typhoons (June - Dec)
Diving season: Year round; dry season (Jan - June), rainy season (July - Dec)
Water temperature: 28C/82F (Jan - March)
29C/84F (July - Sept)
Air temperature: 26C - 28C

South Pacific - Guam: Latest User Reviews

Exceptional Certification Experience  Guam Tropical Dive Station, Guam 5 Star Rating Added: 20th June 2011 by ccjason
My wife and I got our PADI Open Water cert done at GTDS in 2006, and I went back in 2007 for a NITROX class. We could not have asked for a better experience for our intro to diving. This is a very professional shop with courteous staff. Their instructor...
Don't bother - Nothing to see.  Bell Marine Sport Co Ltd, Guam 1 Star Rating Added: 7th December 2008 by hesterstudio
This location is at the Sheraton Hotel. We went on 2 dives. Both sites offered nothing to view, except the Dive Master killing an octupus for his dinner. Not very enjoyable.
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