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Welcome aboard Truk Lagoon's SS Thorfinn for scuba diving holidays on one of the world's largest and most seaworthy wreck diving cruisers. Big ship ambience and solid comforts for 22 guests enjoying Truk Lagoon scuba diving holidays. Spectacular remains of nearly 70 coral draped Japanese ships and countless aircraft were condemned to watery graves by U.S. Naval air attacks during "Operation Hailstone" late in World War II. Now lying scattered upon the floor of Truk's huge 40-mile diameter tropic lagoon, they are easily accessible to all sport divers seeking maximum attractions. Truk's sheltered lagoon with the world's finest wreck diving led this choice. Warm, relatively clear, current free waters of this great ocean lake provide comfortable wreck diving and scuba diving holidays for novice to expert.


Micronesia began developing as a dive destination about 25 years ago with the fame of Truk Lagoon's sunken war fleet. The Thorfinn introduced a new approach to diving Truk about 1982 and bridged the gap to remote and beautiful outer island atolls of Truk, Yap, and Pohnpei States.

These undived virgin atoll reefs provided a kaleidoscope of seldom seen species of fish, sharks, and coral in incredibly clear and warm waters.

At Truk, this ship introduced the ability to continuously dive on wrecks located close to various anchorages. Four dive launches depart regularly from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and conduct night dives about 8:30 PM.

The ship provides comforts of a large hotel at the wreck sites with many interesting on board diversions during surface intervals.

Visibility on Truk wrecks can vary from 40 -100 feet depending on location and prevailing conditions. Strong emphasis applies to all wrecks in Truk Lagoon being designated as historic monuments within a park area.

Trukese law forbids disturbance or removal of artifacts from these magnificent relics of war.


Moderate Tropical Temperatures:

      Daytime........85 - 90 ºF

      Night............70 - 75 ºF

Humidity: 65 - 75%, average

Water Temperature Year round: 83 - 86ºF

E-Mail: [email protected]



Length (mtrs): 58
Beam (mtrs): 10
No of Cabins: 11
No of Guests: 22
No of Crew: 0
No of Zodiacs: 5
Aircon in cabins: Yes
Watermaker: Yes
Nitrox: Yes
Trimix: No
Technical: Yes
Rebreather Friendly: No

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24th July 2009 by jred

truk lagoon liveaboard Thorfinn

5 Star Rating

Visit Date: November 2008

Jul 12, 2009

We were a group of 10 divers from Ireland that spent a week on the Thorfinn diving the wrecks of Truk (Chuuk) lagoon in October 2008. We came from half way around the word and we weren't disapointed. We all arrived there in three different groups. One group via Hawaii, another via the Pilippines and the third via Tokyo. The best way all agreed was via Tokyo. Stop off for a few days on the way and a few on the way back is definitely the way to go.

Anyway, firstly about the boat ! It is what it is, a clean well run working dive boat. The bunk beds were more than comfortable, ours was actually located over the ship's generator that ran all night, but we were so tired after a diving at least four different wrecks every day it wasn't a problem, we could have been over AC/DC's rehersal room and still slept !!.

The lounge was recently done up and was great for hanging out watching a DVD or chatting and getting in a few beers. As for the food........ it did the job just grand. It was simple, well cooked, fresh and tasty enough. Do not be under any illusions here, if you are looking for the culinary fare of a hotel restaurant here you are going to be disapointed. For the 7 days we were there I heard no complaints about the food at all and there was a group of Austrailians there as well as us and they were happy enough. I suppose the best words to sum it up are basic but good.

As for the diving, it was just as we had hoped. Our dive guide Eric was tip top.Couldn't fault the chap. When he discribed one or two wrecks that didn't sound great to us he promptly brought us to another site without any fuss. We found them very accommodating in that regard.

In regard to the gear on board, we all agreed the torches were pretty bad. One of our lads brought his and you really could see the difference. . Don't forget you do a lot of wreck penetrations, you need a good torch. We brought our own regs and hired the rest of the gear there. Their BCDs have seen better days but did the job.

We talked a lot about what we should bring before hand. Most of us were rebreather divers but chose not to bring them. If I was going again I would DEFINITELY bring mine. One chap brought the head in his carry on and the rest in his suitcase no problem. After 2 dives we all switched up to twin 12s. If you are going half way around the globe to see a wreck you will want to spend a bit of time and explore it, not just go down on a single 12 litre tank and tick it off the list.

To summarize, be realistic with your expectations. Truk is a third world country, it is not like being on a liveaboard off the Bahamas or the Red Sea, while we were there there was no electricity on the Island........ 20,000 population in total darkness. This is a very remote part of the world I would suggest don't expect to be pampered. None of our phones worked on the boat but you could buy a phone card for $10 and use a phone on the boat. Be sure to have plenty of insurance. One of the Aussies had a suspected DCI and was put on O2 and got a whopper of a bill for it. Think about it, the logistics and cost of getting anything out here must be huge.

As for Capt. Lance we found him to be grand, lots of information willing to sit and chat with us, he seemed to treat the crew well and with respect. Don't for get it his boat, while we paid to go on it, he is the boss ! We had a great time on the Thorfinn and were more than happy with the whole experience.

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The staff was attentive and informative 4 Star Rating
The rental equipment was clean 3 Star Rating
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Attention to safety & environment 4 Star Rating
Condition of the dive boats 4 Star Rating
Dive briefing 4 Star Rating
Dive Leader 4 Star Rating
Value for money 5 Star Rating
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