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Trogir Diving Centre

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Only 4 km away from the 2000-years-old town of Trogir and 12 km from Split Airport, you will find the Trogir Diving Centre in a beautiful cove. Equipped with state-of-the-art diving equipment, the Center is located in the small tourist resort of Okrug Gornji, right by the sea.

Miše family established the Trogir Diving Centre 20 years ago. While Miki is an experienced CMAS diving instructor, his wife Angela is in charge of the paperwork, correspondence and bookings. If you choose to visit our center, you will be able to enjoy Angela’s culinary delicacies.

We own 4 boats – 3 of them are 10 m long and take 12-15 passengers, while the 5 m speedboat can take 6 divers. Our boats take divers for half-day and daylong diving trips every day. You can also dive in the cove, directly outside the diving center where we do discovery dive, check dive and diver training, and you are guaranteed to see a seahorse, a very rare animal.

We have 60 sets of diving equipment made by renowned manufacturers, ensuring comfort and safety. The equipment is kept in one of our rooms, but we also have a special storage room for guests’ equipment. We have 2 pools where you can wash and dry your equipment before you store it. In the compression station are 3 silent compressors made by the renowned German company Bauer, having capacities between 450 and 550 l/min and always ensuring sufficient amounts of high-quality air. We have 100 tanks. The tanks have capacities of 10, 12 and 15 liters, and we are able to load up to 300 bars.

In addition, the center has a special offer – our tavern. We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner there, so you will be able to enjoy homemade Dalmatian specialties prepared by our hostess and proficient cook Angela.

Technical: No
Snorkelling: No
Accreditation: CMAS
Trogir Diving Centre
Pod Luku 1
21223 Okrug Gornji
Croatia (Local Name: Hrvatska)

Telephone: 00 385 21 88 62 99
00 385 98 31 13 96
Fax:00 385 21 88 62 99


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16th March 2014 by Prodiver

Trogir Dive Center - Warning!

1 Star Rating

Visit Date: August 2013

Upon our return from Trogir Diving Center, I feel compelled to warn all divers/snorklers of a dive operation in my opinion to be at best negligent and gravely dangerous. I feel fortunate that a tragedy did not ocur while using their services when I heard after that several deadly accidents have occurred on this Dive Center. I have dived in many underdeveloped countires and have yet to see the lack of attention to safety as I experienced with Trogir Diving Center in 20+ years of diving. There were multiple levels of concern with both boating and diving safety, and I will list them below:

Lack of attention to Engine and Boat Maintenence

Instructing 20+ people ( capacity 8 ppl )

Instruction to enter water w/ air turned off

Little to no dive plan or instruction prior to dives

Head dive instructor making dirty comments to the females during the trip

Lack of safety / buoyancy devices onboard

No GPS - during entire trip

Taking OW divers to 132 ft depths ( one OW diver was doing her first dive)

Absolutely no pairing of dive buddies/ all levels including snorklers were chaotically in the water together

No dive flags and no oxygen onboard. All dives were ended prematuraly as little as 20 min. on 1 dive

Leaking tanks due to faulty o-rings ..( not sure if replacements were onboard) just to name a few

Multiple people including myself, approached the owners of Trogir Diving Center in an attempt to inform them of the incident and most of which fell on deaf ears. One concern of mine was that the owners are non divers so the entire operation seems to be run by an instructor who was nothing short of obnoxious and rude. On route I realized ( I have been to Capt. school ) there were not buoyancy devices onboard w/ approximately 28-32 diver/snorklers. The Capt. next to me questioned the Capt. and asked why the GPS was not activated his response: "I have it all in my head!" ..right so I don't need a computer because I have dive tables in my head! ..I became quite concerned at this point...then the engine failed, I think a clamp broke away from a hose ( I assume there was no replacement onboard) so they opened a scuba tank to blow air on it ..hhhmmm...combustion??..Everyone was then ordered to move to the it became really scary as the capacity was 8 ppl. and we were at least 1/2 speed, I am not quite certain how many "unskilled" divers entered and dropped down to 130ft. but judging by the lack of buoyancy control - I would say at least 7..I was so uneasy - I could not enjoy my own dive. Now this dive began with no dive plan whatsoever, again the chaos was overwhelming. ..thirdly we were rushed ( in my opinion , I think they made sure they got everyone in the water so it could be stated that all dives were done) . We were then hussled onto a smaller boat with other divers/ snorklers to return. I have dived out of dinghys in Africa and done some other obscure diving but never had I been in a more potentially dangerous circumstance. Please avoid this operation for your own safety and the safety of your dive buddies. Thank you for listening?

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The staff was attentive and informative 1 Star Rating
The rental equipment was clean 1 Star Rating
My personal gear was washed and stored away 1 Star Rating
The quality of the dive trip 1 Star Rating
Attention to safety & environment 1 Star Rating
Condition of the dive boats 1 Star Rating
Dive briefing 1 Star Rating
Dive Leader 1 Star Rating
Value for money 1 Star Rating
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5th April 2010 by davidainsworth

Good Vis - But Not Much to See!

3 Star Rating

Visit Date: August 2009

We went on holiday to Croatia in August 2009 with the intention of doing some diving if the opportunity arose.

We stayed for a week in Trogir, then moved south to Cavtat (see review for Epidaurum Diving - better than Trogir!). In Trogir we dived with Trogir Diving for 6 dives.

We did contact the dive centre before we left, and when we turned up they seemed to have forgotten all about us. The centre's business is driven by east Europeans, Dutch and Germans, very few English. The general standard of English spoken in the centre is not very high. So unfortunately we felt like second class customers.

The centre was very busy, with high demands on the rental gear, at one point they were going to put my wife in the water without an octopus! After that dive she refused to go again.

All dive trips are by boat, and the closest dive we did was probably 15-20 minutes away - we always seemed to be put in the slow boat when the Germans etc went in the fast boat which took half the time.

There was one dive in the morning, one in the afternoon, and limited 15l cylinders, so generally the guys in the fast boat always seemed to get the larger cylinders!

The rental equipment is ok, varies from new to quite old and worn, but guess who didn't get any of the newer equipment?

Our first dive was in the bay adjacent to the dive centre. This was a check out dive, the centre is predominantly CMAS, so presumably they were suspicious of my 14 year old son having over 100 dives under his belt and being a Junior PADI Master SCUBA Diver.

The check out dive must have gone well, after that all of the dives we did were unescorted, whilst all of the Germans and east Europeans were provided escorts. Generally the dives were quite simple navigations, down a wall, head one direction for 70 bar and then return so it wasn't a real concern. Occassionally the navigation was trickier with circular routes but the briefing maps were good and briefings were extensive in German, and short and brief in English!

On the dives the geology was interesting, but the aquatic life was few and far between, so quite disappointing.

One word of caution, wear at least a 5mm wet suit if not 7mm, plus a hood! The surface may be 20degC plus, but at 5m it drops to low teens in August!! Visibility tends to be very good (except through the thermocline!)

I wouldn't say the diving with Trogir was an unpleasant experience, but it could have been more welcoming.

Ratings are based on 1 (Dissatisfied) to 5 (Totally Satisfied)
The staff was attentive and informative 2 Star Rating
The rental equipment was clean 3 Star Rating
My personal gear was washed and stored away 0 Star Rating
The quality of the dive trip 3 Star Rating
Attention to safety & environment 3 Star Rating
Condition of the dive boats 5 Star Rating
Dive briefing 3 Star Rating
Dive Leader 0 Star Rating
Value for money 3 Star Rating
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