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Blackbeard's Cruises offers liveaboard scuba diving adventure travel vacations to the Out Islands of the Bahamas. Reef, wreck, wall, drift, night and shark dives are offered on each trip. Our 3 sailboats; Sea Explorer, Morning Star and Pirate's Lady, offer Caribbean diving and snorkeling cruises to the Out Islands of the Western Bahamas.

Blackbeards CruisesBlackbeard's Cruises sails each Saturday for weeklong scuba diving liveaboard adventure vacation cruises to the Biminis, Grand Bahamas, Berries, Andros, Cay Sal Banks, or Nassau areas. Divers can experience deep sea diving on the many beautiful walls. Sharks are a big draw for divers! See Caribbean Reef tip sharks, nurse sharks, even tiger sharks on the sandy banks! Colorful reefs teeming with marine life sit in depths of 15- 80 feet so divers of all levels enjoy the scuba diving we offer on our Bahamas scuba diving vacations!

We operate in: Caribbean and Bahamas

Blackbeard's Cruises
3700 Hacienda Boulevard
Suite G
United States

Telephone: 800 327 9600
954 734 7111
Fax:954 321 6582

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16th February 2014 by NomesJones

Excellent Diving

5 Star Rating

Visit Date: February 2014

We boarded the boat on Saturday lunchtime and had a great experience right though to Friday morning. From the offset the crew was personal, informative, jovial and professional.

Once you board the boat the crew provides you with a wet bin where you can store your personal gear (fins, wet suits ect... ) and a bunk with a shelf where you can store your dry items (clothes ect...). It can be a bit cold at night so I would recommend to bring just 2 shorts, 2 or 3 Tshirts, 1 pants, 1 warm (fleece) jacket and one pair shoes you don't mind getting wet. The shelf will fit about twice that amount but you won't need it. Then they store your luggage and anything else you would like to leave on shore in a secured area.

After lunch we left the marina and got a dive in on the very first day. Over the next days we had amazing dives and the variety was great. We did wall diving, wreck diving, night diving, blue hole diving, shark-feeding diving, drift diving and many others. The captain was a diver and chose the best dive sites according to the weather. In total we did 20 dives.

Before each dive the dive instructor gave a detailed briefing of the site. It included a map, navigation tips, safety, information pertinent to the site. They will brief you on safety but it is really your own responsibility. There are some deep and night dives so I would recommend at least a AOW & some recent experience. Blackbeard's wont stop you doing these dives if you have only an OW from 20 years ago so take it upon your self to make sure you are safe. If you want to take any courses or have a dive instructor along with you on any dive they would be happy to accommodate you if you ask.

We had rented some dive equipment for the week. It was a reasonable price and the BCD and regulator worked well the whole week. The dive light we rented was sub par so maybe consider finding a cheap one to take along with you if you don't have one. Other than the light the rental equipment was similar to rental equipment from any other dive shop.

We went to shore twice - once to relax on the beach and once to visit the iguanas.

The food was amazing and every night rum punch and beer was available. There is a cold water hose at the back of the boat with as much fresh water as you need. There is also a shower which is really easy to use - you can shower in as much salt water as you want, wash your hair etc and then you can use the hot fresh water to rinse down but its more limited.

We came back to the marina in Nassau on Thursday night and went out with the crew which was great fun. On Friday morning the crew will ensure you have everything you need right up to a taxi.

I would definitely recommend this trip to any of my friends and anyone who want excellent diving and loves the camping feel. Enjoy!!

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The staff was attentive and informative 5 Star Rating
Eco awareness 5 Star Rating
Travel arrangements 5 Star Rating
Refund policy 0 Star Rating
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5th May 2013 by ralphdiver

don't waste youre money

2 Star Rating

Visit Date: April 2013

Beat up boats and mediocre reefs.

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The staff was attentive and informative 2 Star Rating
Eco awareness 2 Star Rating
Travel arrangements 3 Star Rating
Refund policy 1 Star Rating
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28th August 2011 by Challenger

Disappointed in Blackbeards

2 Star Rating

Visit Date: August 2011

We left on the Morning Star 8-20-11 at about 3pm. the seas were a little ruff and I suffered from some sea sickness that afternoon. I felt better on Sunday morning and started diving. However due to hurricane we went back to Nassau Monday afternoon. We all got to use the Captains phone and a customers phone to get flights off the island arranged. The captain said we could stay on the boat in dock until our flights (if you could get a flight). I booked a hotel room for Monday and Tuesday at the harbor club marina hotel night from the boat.

When we arrived back at port in the rain at 11pm Monday night. We went to the hotel. On Tuesday morning we got our gear off and our flight moved up to Wednesday morning as they were shutting down the airport at noon. We were not offered any help or rooms or anything from BB management. I hear from someone else that we may get 50% off vouchers for the next booking that I wont use as I rarely get a vacation.

I should have bought trip insurance. The crew of the Morning star was great but the management was missing in action and only cared about their boats and moving them to Atlantis marina. I got 6 dives in out of 9. the night dive I didn't go on due to very strong currents and most people came back right away. The seas were rough and the boat was rocking greatly most of the time.

The close quarters on this boat can be a problem if you have any abrasive type personalities on board as we did. This one ass had to be falling down drunk in the evenings and insulting and a smart ass to others including the crew. I wanted to clock him when while some were taking pictures of some cays and the beautiful water we were passing he had to say "oh wow an island gee did everyone see the island"

he also commented on a woman's weight. Guess there is one in every bunch.

If I had to do it again I would go Aqua cat for more space and privacy. My bunk was in the galley area and they sat in there and drank and were loud until after midnight. I got very little sleep.

Again the crew Captain Andy, dive master Adam. Devon, Scott, and Jerimey were all great. In addition there was an O'ring problem with rings blowing during fills constantly. My tank ring blew 4 times. I did manage to take 450 pictures. and my buddy did a ten min video of the shark dive.

When I got back on Wednesday afternoon I contacted BB via email about a refund or credit. they said Friday they would be in touch with the owner and each customer would get an email. I have heard nothing. The bottom line is communication between BB management and the customers during the on coming Hurricane event was non existant. We were left on our own to fend for ourselves once back in Nassau.

To the Captain Andy and the crew of the Morning Star who I tipped the full amount.


and to Scott. Thanks for the Ham and Cheese

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The staff was attentive and informative 1 Star Rating
Eco awareness 0 Star Rating
Travel arrangements 0 Star Rating
Refund policy 1 Star Rating
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21st December 2009 by rivkingsfan67

very disappointing service

2 Star Rating

Visit Date: June 2009

Tornados and strong winds prevented us from leaving home to board the Blackbeard's ship in Freeport Bahamas. When we called to let them know and asked about rebooking, we were told there are no refunds. Their website plainly states there are no refunds and tells clients to buy trip insurance (which we thought we had, but turns out it didn't cover this since it was not a named storm). However we thought that since they already had our $1758, that they would let us rebook on another date that had open spots. Their policy is to do so on a stand-by only meaning we must call on a given Friday to find out if there are open spots for the following Saturday departure. If there are available spaces, we must then use those 7 days to schedule time off work, get dog sitters lined up, buy airline tickets and so forth. All we asked was if we could reschedule and confirm for October 3 (or original trip was supposed to be June 13) since they currently have four open bunks.

They told us they would not lose the revenue they could get from selling those spots if they could avoid it, so the answer is no, we must wait until Sept 25 to know if we would be allowed to board on Oct 3. They asked me if I truly felt it was fair to have them lose $1758 just because our airline could not get us to them on time.

I told them I didn't see how they lost revenue when they already have our $1758 and have not serviced us in any way other than to insult us via e-mails that insinuate we are trying to get something for free.

We understand not bumping other paying customers with reservations. We would even understand a 10% rebooking fee. We do not understand the condesending manner they have nor their unwillingness to book us for a date that is during their admitted slow time of year when they have the benefit of our entire payment already in hand.

Be aware that DAN and Dive Assure cover trip cancellation due to medical emergencies or "named" storms so our trip insurance was not the coverage we thought. And Blackbeard's office attitude is that they have no reason to be accomodating or courteous for that matter.

I wish we had found the reviews on Yahoo prior to booking because I too wondered why the diving was 3-4 times per day instead of 4-5 times per day. Reading others' reviews about the lack of safety and the crew's preference for partying versus diving sounds like we would have wasted our $1758 even if we had been able to go.

UPDATE - I have a very understanding boss who allowed me to tentatively schedule vacation, and I had all things lined up just in case Blackbeard's did have any open slots. We were stunned when they did have open bunks (they they were willing to let us have) so we took our 7-day notice and got air tickets, dog sitters, vacation days, etc. and we were able to tmake the trip. After the way they talked down to us in June, we never thought they would follow thru on the Stand By offer but they did.

Ratings are based on 1 (Dissatisfied) to 5 (Totally Satisfied)
Quality of meals 2 Star Rating
The staff was attentive and informative 1 Star Rating
Quality of the dive briefing 3 Star Rating
The quality of the dives 3 Star Rating
Dive leader 2 Star Rating
Eco awareness 1 Star Rating
Travel arrangements 1 Star Rating
Refund policy 1 Star Rating
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