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Curacao is a dutch island, with capital of Willemstad, which is also capital to the whole of the Netherland Antilles.  Willemstad is well worth a visit as the town has over 700 historic buildings and the preservation of many buildings is well under way.  Willemstad is also a duty free port.

What to see:

The diving in Curacao is very good with some popular wreck dives, most notably, the Superior Producer at a maximum depth of 30 meters.  The Tugboat is also very popular as it is in shallow water at 5 meters and is excellent for photography.  Also, there is The Airplane Wreck, which is a shore dive, the location being marked on the surface with a buoy.

A very popular event for divers happens in September and October with the coral spawning.  It happens 7 days after the full moon and the local dive centres are well aware of the happening, which does not last long and ensure that their clients are in the water at the correct location at the right time.  The best dives are the Mushroom Forest and Alice in Wonderland where there are copious amounts of star coral.

There are over 60 dive sites and more than half are accessed from the shore.

Need to know:

The southern area is a protected underwater marine park and, throughout the island, dive centres ask that divers make a voluntary donation (currently US$10) to help protect the environment.

Useful stuff:
Language: English is widely used
Currency: The Netherlands Antillean Guilder or US$
Time: GMT - 5
Climate: Tropical
Natural hazards: Not in the hurricane belt
Diving season: 12 months
Water temperature: Jan to March - 24C/75F
June to October – 28C/82F

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A shining example  CURious2DIVE, Curacao 5 Star Rating Added: 13th June 2014 by ErikM
Hans Pleij operates a wonderful dive shop. He can accommodate everybody and anybody no matter what the certification level. In fact "if you can breathe - you can dive" is his slogan. This client friendly approach however does not mean he doesn't take things very seriously. In fact, having been...
Great Tuition from Hans and Isabelle!  CURious2DIVE, Curacao 5 Star Rating Added: 4th June 2014 by VMcCue
We very much enjoyed a trial dive with Hans and Isabelle whislt on holiday in Curcao during early April 2014. Hans' is a very experienced diving teacher who is able to communicate the most important techniques easily. Isabelle took me and my son (16 years old) for a first dive...
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I was able to finish my open water certification here and Bas was quirky and hilarious during both days of diving. He takes amazing photographs of your underwater adventure and emails them to you for free!! Amazing!! Can't wait to go back again!
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