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Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean sea after Sicily, which both belong to Italy.  Here's the map

The diving in Sardinia is probably one of the best in Italy as most of the northern part of the island is a Protected Area with the large Marine Park of the Archipelago of the Maddalena and the Marine Park of Lavezzi.  Much takes place on the sheltered eastern coast, as the western coast is exposed to the prevailing south westerly winds.  Most of the diving is contained around caverns and overhangs, although there are some good wrecks.

What to see:
  • The KT, Gulf of Orosei 20-35mtrs is one of the best wrecks in Sardinia. The current can be fierce especially near the surface. A 65 mtr long German ship sunk in 1943. The stern is well preserved but the bow is broken up.
  • The Japanese freighter Angelica which ran aground and sank in 1982. She now sits upright and intact in 20 metres of water.
  • The Cogliano - an 8,000 ton Italian freighter sunk by bombing during the Second World War and now broken over a large area at 16 - 19 metres.
  • Grouper Reef, is home to a colony of more than 50 territorial groupers, each weighing 30 - 40 kg.
  • Grotta del Nereo - this is a series of caves and tunnels stretching over 350 mtrs. It is not too far from Alghero in the Northwest. There are 3 entrances to the cave: two open and shallow, and one at 30 mtrs. Lo Stazzu is a good dive. It starts with a swim down a crevice to a sandy-bottomed cave at around 26 mtrs. After looking into a cave, you make your way up a chimney to emerge at a shallower level. Have a good look about here for slipper lobsters. This is a primitive looking creature with plates instead of long antennae. Other creatures you might see include octopus, red coral, nudibranchs, moray eels and what is believed to be the largest mussel species in the world, the Pinna nobilis fan mussel.
Need to know:
  • If you dive the Cogliano, be aware that the current can be fierce, especially near the surface.
  • To do it justice to Grotta del Nereo, more than one dive is required.
Useful stuff:
Language: Italian, although the Sardinians have their own dialect.
Currency: Euro
Time: GMT +1
Climate: Mediterranean
Diving season: 12 months, although the best time is April to October
Water temperature: January 14C (57F)
August 24C (75F)
Air temperature: January 14C (57F)
August 31C (88F)

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