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Canada (West)

The main scuba diving in Western Canada is in British Columbia around Vancouver Island . . .

Nanaimo has been voted as the best scuba diving location in North America and is the main diving hub.  This superb diving region stretches along the east coast of Vancouver Island, from the Cowichan Bay to Hornby Island, featuring a number of sites.  Take a look at the map to get your bearings.

Octopus Point drops straight down into the abyss with marine life everywhere. The rock wall is covered with animals, such as rock scallops, trumpet sponges, nudibranches and coral. Colourful anemones and sea lilies add to the profusion of living creatures at Octopus Point. It can appear that the entire Pacific Ocean wants to get through the narrows at the same time as the currents can reach speeds of 8-9 knots.  Obviously dive on slack water.

At Round Island, you will see a variety of dahlia anemones, as well as rockfish, lingcod, and octopuses. Both sea lions and killer whales can also be spotted here. This island is south of Dodd Narrows in the Stuart Channel, where currents can reach up to 15 knots!

The Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia or "ARSBC" has been very active over recent years and have sunk six ships and a Boeing 737 for the enjoyment of divers.  Instead of telling you about these wrecks, check out these links and their excellent website:

Here's a YouTube video of the 737 . . .

What to see:
  • The wrecks around Vancouver Island
  • Octopus Point, Round Island, Dodds Narrows, Neck Point & Snake Island
Need to know:
  • The best time for diving is during the winter as the visibility is at it's best.  Spring is the best time for seeing predators due to the abundance of new life.  Summer is the most popular dive season due to the warmth.  The weather during the autumn can be very unpredictable and is also prone to very windy spells.
  • This is dry suits country!

Useful stuff:
Language: English & French
Currency: Canadia $
Time: GMT +8
Climate: Temoerate
Diving season: Year round
Water temperature: 7C/44F (Winter)
16C/61F (Summer)
Air temperature: 5C/41F (Winter)
25C/77F (Summer)

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