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Ocean Explorers

5 Star Rating 96 reviews
The Oldest dive shop in St Maarten is owned and operated by longtime resident LeRoy French. With over 40 years experience in the diving field all efforts have been put into maintaining a high standard of operation in the shop. All dive trips and lessons are personally supervised and safety is the number one thought in mind. The shop is located on a quiet beach at Simpson Bay, with easy parking, and is stocked with first class quality equipment, for rent or for sale at reasonable prices.

Octopus Diving and Activity Center

5 Star Rating 39 reviews
Octopus Diving is located in the classic French town of Grand Case on the exceptionally beautiful Caribbean island of St. Martin/Sint Maarten in the French West Indies. Octopus Diving holds the PADI International Resort and Retail Association status IRRA S-799210 and offers all PADI courses in both English and French.

Indigo Divers

5 Star Rating 35 reviews
As you step onboard, your equipment will be set up for you. A smooth & speedy ride out, allows us first pick of the dive sites. The first dive is guided by your Captain along the famous Cayman Wall. He will lead you in finding your favorite Caribbean creatures - moray eels, eagle rays, sting rays, hawksbill & green sea turtles, and maybe even a reef or hammerhead shark!

Aqua TCI

5 Star Rating 25 reviews
Aqua Tci was formed to encompass all the great dive practices that Steph and Bill Wallwork, the founders, have seen and experienced from diving around the world.

Eco Dive Barbados

5 Star Rating 21 reviews
Eco Dive Barbados is an environmentally friendly dive company, dedicated to providing each client with a personalized diving experience. We specialize in semi-private and small group dives. Eco Dive Barbados is committed to offering top quality, individualized service; our friendly staff provides exceptional care while giving you the attention needed to ensure that you have a hassle free dive experience.

JADS Dive Center

5 Star Rating 20 reviews
Diving should be a personalized activity. We like to organize our dives thinking about quality, personal attention, safety and comfort. This means that we only manage small groups of divers or students. We offer an excellent service to our customers, including a friendly staff, professional guiding to the best sites, instruction in PADI courses, new rental equipment in very good condition, great facilities for your comfort, a high level of safety, and personal attention that includes free transport, a fresh water shower after your dive and somewhere to sit and relax in a beautiful surroundings. To us, you are not just anohter member of a group.

479 records found

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