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New Caledonia

Spectacular scuba diving . . .

New Caledonia has the world's second biggest coral reef stretching 1600 kilometres around the mainland forming the world’s largest lagoon. Smaller islands surround the reef including the Loyalty Islands and the Isle of Pines. This French colony has much to offer with European cuisine and shopping blending with the beauty and the culture of the South Pacific.

The diving and snorkelling are spectacular. In summer the water may not be as clear with wet season runoff from the land, but on calm days in winter, underwater visibility can reach 50m (165ft).

New Caledonia enjoys a sunny climate marked by two seasons: December to March is warm and humid with moderate rainfall; April to November is cool and dry.

What to see:
  • Bay of Prony - hydrothermal activity reacting with sea water has formed the growth of an enormous stalagmite, the Needle of Prony, which has a height of 38 metres. The dramatic formation with sealife clinging to the different depths of the needle is well worth a dive.
  • Tenia is well known for its beautful drops of 40-50 metres covered by many types of soft coral. This is a beautifully preserved area of coral and sealife, with dolphins and schools of fish.
  • The town of Hienghene, which lies on the east coast of the main island, offers great diverse diving with visibility going beyond 30 metres in good conditions. Caves, tunnels and swim throughs abound with hard and soft corals of every colour. The giant sea fans are of exceptional quality making for excellent photography.
  • The Isle of Pines offers numerous diving opportunities but particularly Satan's Cave which is a mysterious fresh water underground cave which can only be reached by a narrow underwater corridor.
Useful stuff:
Language: French, but English is widely spoken
Currency: South Pacific Franc
Time: GMT +11
Climate: Semi-tropical
Natural hazards: Cyclones, most frequent from November to March
Diving season: Year round
Water temperature:
Air temperature: Sept to March, 25°C-27°C (77°F-80°F)
April to Aug, 20°C-23°C (68°F-73°F)

South Pacific - New Caledonia: Latest User Reviews

Nice diving  Tieti Dive, South Pacific 4 Star Rating Added: 12th January 2013 by funrec
Tieti Diving is rather well prepared for the diver but for the usual high prices. At least they have a fairly good infrastructure with equipment room as well as changing/bathroom facilities. The rigid-inflatable is offering space for about 10 people (which I reckon is then overcrowded) with absolutely no other infrastructure...
Try to avoid!  Safari Diving, South Pacific 1 Star Rating Added: 12th January 2013 by funrec
There is only 1 dive shop left on the island and this one is called Safari Dive and apparently is a PADI resort!! I don’t know how they got the resort status, especially as it is only a camping ground with one toilet and one shower facility. The “dive shop” is located...
disappointing staff  Amedee Diving Club, New Caledonia 2 Star Rating Added: 27th April 2011 by lilyperie
The dive was amazing, I saw 5 mantas. The food was pretty good and very nicely presented. I really disliked the staff. They seemed friendly at first, but soon you realise, they don't have any patience with the beginners. Nothing is explained regarding the day, and how things are gonna happen. Luckily you...
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